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Shirin Ghoraishi

She is an artist currently based in Minneapolis. she studied in School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and now she is working on her MFA in Minneapolis College of Art And Design. This higher education process allowed Shirin to generate works across diverse disciplines. In recent years Shirin has begun to focus her practice on the medium of virtual reality and installation. 


     Virtual reality and dark spaces is the theater in which I stage my work, in order to illicit the right to the interrogation of space by our conscious mind and unconscious spirit, so that we might endlessly, irresolutely seek knowledge. Within my work I attempt to raise basic philosophical questions such as reality by highlighting the hidden and mysterious beauty of organic forms. I see these organic forms as being statically beautiful, meditative, and have the power to influence my audience’s perceptions of reality.  A light that appears deep in darkness, at the intersection of artificial and organic, producing an uncanny environment, and a fabricating a reality lurking through time.


      I am obsessed and seduced by our behavior as beings; our bodily awareness and our senses that are deceived when we are trapped in virtual reality; hypnotized yet hesitant, enchanted yet uncertain. Everything that I translate into my installations is influenced by my own experiments of those moments of doubt and confusion. My questioning of our perceptions and their limitations and errors is a continuous source of inspiration for artists, and other workers in science and technology. The complexity of my inspiration work as a tool to facilitate -- using technology and psychology --   installations that create an illusion through an uncanny world, accompanied by a mixed reality experience that pushes the boundaries between our understanding and perception of reality and illusion. This interdisciplinary research combined with the surveillance collected from my audience creates a constant dialogue and experimental process for this project.


     My creative process is based on experimentation and learning, exploring the relationships between our body, our perception, and our senses, and its limitations and errors. In my   installations I employ materials such as resin and water beads, which I found related to our senses and made the experience easy to understand. Based on my strategies and plans I give this simple material a place and purpose to serve. Then, I take away one element from the installation, which is the light, to help emphasize the response of our senses and change the way we receive our space, surrendering us to the experience. With light and reflection, I mimic an uncanny vision that is almost new to the eyes; which is often accompanied by a digital experience of that certain space, within a portion of a gallery. Each project is a step forward to reach beyond my understanding.


An interactive illusion to an immersive reality ~


Shirin Ghoraishi

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